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(is a monthly evening of storytelling and otherwise that takes place at The Lido, on Unceded Coast Salish Territories [Vancouver, BC])

hosted by Cole Nowicki

(we also have a podcast)







fine. has featured talented folks like:


Aaron Read

Adèle Barclay

Alain Williams

Alicia Tobin

Amber Harper-Young

Ava Julien

Ben Stephenson

Beni Xiao

Brent Constantine

Cameron Macleod

Carla Mah

Carleigh Baker

Curtis AuCoin

Curtis LeBlanc

Chris Evans

Chris James

Daniel Zomparelli

Diana Bang

Dina Del Bucchia

Donal Thoms-Cappello

Emma Cooper

Erica Sigurdson

Fatima Dhowre

Grant Lawrence

Jackie Hoffart

Jacob Samuel

Jenn Farrell

Jen Sookfong Lee

Katie-Ellen Humphries

Katie Nordgren

Kevin Kokoska

Leanne Dunic

Maddy Kelly

Mallory Tater

Megan Fennya Jones

Michael Christie

Nate Owen

Pat Kelly

Racquel Belmonte

Ray Hsu

Samantha Marie Nock

Sean Devlin

Shashi Bhat

Shazia Hafiz Ramji

Shaun Robinson

Sheena Kamal

Sheryda Warrener

Sophie Buddle

Steffanie Ling

Sung Pil Yoon

Toby Hargrave

Wendy Simon






Ace Martens

Bored Décor


Dirty Spells


Ivory Towers

James Green Band

Kim Gray

Little Sprout


Mourning Coup

Pale Red