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Accessibility Info for The Lido


Our goal is to make fine. as inclusive and accessible as possible. We are focused on ensuring everyone is made to feel welcome, safe, involved and engaged.

With this in mind, we are providing the following details about The Lido so everyone can be aware of what the venue provides, and what it does not. We are not experts on the range of disabilities/impairments people may have, or on the range of human diversity of our event goers, but we are always looking to improve so we encourage you to share your feedback with us.

If you have specific requirements or questions, we’ll do our best to provide a solution for you! You can contact us confidentially by email at: and we’ll see what we can work out. For performers, if you require a ramp for the stage, let us know and we’ll make sure we have one on the night.

Everyone is welcome (as long as you’re nice).


Entrance and Location (more specific measurements coming soon)

  • Front entrance is wide enough for wheelchairs, floor threshold of approximately .5″
  • No automatic doors; however, someone will be working it on the night, door handles are push/pull, and no higher than 36 inches
  • Doors are average weight, do not stick or get caught
  • Centrally located, parking available across the street, but can be tricky in the neighbourhood depending on the hour
  • There is bicycle parking outside of The Lido (one 2-bike rack directly outside, another one storefront over) and across the street
  • The number 9 stops directly outside of The Lido

Inside (more specific measurements coming soon)

  • Single floor venue
  • Some seating is elevated on platforms that range from 1-3 stairs in height
  • Accessible route, more than wide enough for wheelchairs, leading to stage area, lounge area, and bathrooms
  • Gets quite cramped when busy
  • Flooring a mixture between wood and low, hard carpet
  • Couches etc. available in lounge area, benches available near stage area


  • Male and Female bathrooms; trans friendly
  • Stalls big enough for wheelchairs, with handrails
  • Doors are push, stalls and faucets have twist knobs
  • Soap dispensers are free-standing pump style

Lighting and Comfort 

  • Low, warm lighting, occasional strobe light, projection
  • Smoke machine
  • Music is very loud, earplugs are recommended
  • No smoking indoors; smoking area out front
  • Temperature can be quite cold or hot, depending on amount of people inside
  • Faucet with push dispenser for drinking water, cups provided

Safety (more specific details coming soon)

  • 2 main exits at front and rear
  • Exit signs are visible above doors


(Language courtesy of Connect)