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Is a monthly evening of storytelling and otherwise that takes place at The Lido, in Vancouver, BC.

We acknowledge that the city of Vancouver is located on unceded Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh lands, and we’re incredibly grateful that we’re able to do this show here.

fine. is produced/hosted by Cole Nowicki
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(we also have a podcast that you can find on iTunes, Soundcloud and No Fun Radio)

Safer Spaces Policy

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We’d like to thank the City of Vancouver for the generous Creative City Strategic Grant we received for our 2019 season.





fine. has featured talented folks like:


Aaron Chan

Aaron Read

Abdul Aziz

Adèle Barclay

Aidan Chafe

Alain Williams

Alex Leslie

Alicia Tobin

Aja Moore

Amber Dawn

Amber Harper-Young

Andrea Jin

Andrea Warner

Andrew Barber

Andy Resto

Angela Galanopoulos

Angelica Poversky

Anna Cran

Annette Lapointe

An-Te Chu

Autumn Schnell

Ava Julien

Ben Stephenson

Beni Xiao

Brandi Bird

Brent Constantine

Cameron Macleod

Carla Mah

Carleigh Baker

Cassidy Anhorn

Charlie Cook

Chris Evans

Chris James

Curtis AuCoin

Curtis LeBlanc

Cynara Geissler

Dallas Hunt

Daniel Zomparelli

Danika Thibault

Danny Ramadan

David Ly


Diana Bang

Dina Del Bucchia

Donal Thoms-Cappello

Doretta Lau

Emily Bilton

Emily Davidson

Emily Riddle

Emma Cooper

Emmett Hall

Erica Sigurdson

Ese Atawo

Fatima Dhowre

Gavin Matts

Grant Lawrence

Hasan Namir

Ivanna Baranova

Jacey Gibb

Jackie Hoffart

Jacob Samuel

Jane Stanton

jaye simpson

Jen Currin

Jen Neale

Jenn Farrell

Jen Sookfong Lee

Jeremy Andruschak

Jessica Johns

Jill Silva

Jocelyn Tennant

Jo Dworschak

Jónína Kirton

Josh Edwards

Julia Stretch

Julie Kim

Justin Ducharme

Katie-Ellen Humphries

Katie Nordgren

Kerri Donaldson

Kevin Chong

Kevin Kokoska

Kyla Jamieson

Laura Matwichuk

Leah Horlick

Leanne Dunic

Maarten Bayliss

Maddy Kelly

Mallory Amirault

Mallory Tater

Marlene Swidzinski

Matty Vu

Maureen Medved

Megan Fennya Jones

Mica Lemiski

Michael Christie

Mitchell Saddleback

Molly Cross-Blanchard

Nate Owen

Nathan Hare

Nima Gholamipour

Nite Sun

Ola Dada

Oli Maughan

Pat Kelly

Rachel Jansen

Racquel Belmonte

Raoul Fernandes

Ray Hsu

Ronald Dario

Samantha Marie Nock

Sarah Berman 

Sasha Mark

Savannah Erasmus

Sean Devlin

Selina Boan

Sharan Dhaliwal

Shashi Bhat

Shazia Hafiz Ramji

Shaun Robinson

Sheena Kamal

Sheryda Warrener

Sophie Buddle

Soo Jeong

Steffanie Ling

Sung Pil Yoon

Tammy van der Kamp

Taran Kootenhayoo

Tariq Hussain

Tin Lorica

Toby Hargrave

Wendy Simon

Zofia Rose Musiej






Ace Martens

Arcanabyss Brooks

Ashley Shadow

Babe Corner

Badge Époque


Bored Décor



Dirty Spells

Emma Lee Toyoda

Future Star

Gal Gracen


Hello Blue Roses

Ivory Towers

James Green Band


Kim Gray


Linda Fox

Little Sprout


Michael & The Slumberland Band


Mourning Coup

Mr. Merlot


Nicholas Krgovich

Only A Visitor

Pale Red



The Starlight Pines